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Opening: Thursday, 23 March from 18:00 to 20:00
Featuring Lament, a performance by Lizette Chirrime in collaboration with Ledelle Moe, at 19:00

Willem Boshoff | Joni Brenner | Marco Cianfenelli | Guy du Toit | Stephan Erasmus | Richard John Forbes | Gordon Froud | Kim Lieberman | Ledelle Moe | Marcus Neustetter | Lwandiso Njara | Brett Rubin | Joachim Schonfeldt | Johan Thom | Sophia van Wyk

Gallery MOMO Cape Town is proud to present (DON’T) LOOK BACK – a group sculpture exhibition, a collaboration between  the NIROX Foundation and Gallery MOMO. The exhibition continues NIROX’s commitment to fostering the arts, particularly the development of three-dimensional work, and the artists across the country who have dedicated themselves to their discipline. (DON’T) LOOK BACK explores the practice of constructing form through the medium of sculpture. Featuring work by seventeen sculptors affiliated to NIROX, the exhibition offers a sampling of recent South African sculpture.

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UCL Cities Methodologies 2012

UCL Urban Laboratory exhibition and events programme showcasing innovative urban research methodologies

4-7 July 2012

Launch, 4 July, 18.30, all welcome

Open Thurs to Fri 10.00-20.00, Sat 10.00-13.00

UCL Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square, London, WC1H 0NS

All events are free and open to the public. For full programme of events and exhibitors please click here

Inaugurated in 2009, Cities Methodologies is an initiative to showcase innovative methods of urban research from across UCL and the wider urban research community. Through peer-reviewed exhibits and events, it draws together undergraduate, masters, and doctoral research, alongside work produced by academics and other researchers and practitioners. Cities Methodologies promotes cross- and inter-disciplinary work and this year showcases recent research on a wide range of cities including Detroit, Paris, London, Johannesburg, Mumbai and Beirut.

This year, through a public call for participants, we particularly‚ though not exclusively‚ welcomed proposals on:

• Collaborative/public methods for urban research

• Mega events and urban change

• Housing and dishousing

Visitors to Cities Methodologies will encounter diverse methods of urban research in juxtaposition – from archival studies to digital media experiments, practice-led art, architectural and design work to film-making, soundscapes, games and public sculpture.


2012 contributors include:

Adriana Allen-Rachel Alliston-Sarah Bayliss-Megan Bradshaw-Otto von Busch-Ben Campkin-Caterina Carola-Vanesa Castán Broto-Alejandra Celedon-Paul Charman-Julian Cheyne-Steven Chodoriwsky-Philip Comerford-Steve Dowding-Andreas Eriksson-Ismail Farouk-Gynna Franco-Hayley Gewer-Mohamad Hafeda-Hanna Hilbrandt-Steven Hobbs-Sandra Jasper-Sebastian Juhnke-David Kroll-Angela Last-Matteo Melioli-Rebecca Merrill-Ignacia Mesa-Agnieszka Mlicka-City as Interface: Ava Fatah gen Schieck, Moritz Behrens, Tasos Varoudis, Christos Chondros, Eleni Georgiadou, Lida Theodorou, Stefanos Gkougkoustamos, Yimeng Tang, Martin Traunmueller-MSc Building and Urban Design in Development-MSc Urban Studies-Azzurra Muzzonigro-Marcus Neustetter-Benny Nilsen-Farid Noufaily-Fíacha O’Dubhda-Alexandra Parry-Brent Pilkey-Hilary Powell-Liz Rideal-David Roberts-Mireille Roddier-Rebecca Ross-Troy Schaum-Rachel Scicluna-Ariel Shepherd-Rosalyne Shieh-Henrietta Simson-Martin Slavin-Carolyn Smith-Anna Subirats-Johan Thom-Evren Uzer-Jo Volley-Mike Wells-Peter R.H. Wood-Laura Weatherly-Daniele Zacchi


Follow us on twitter @UCLurbanlab and visit our Facebook page for further updates. 

For enquiries regarding Cities Methodologies please contact Laura Hirst, Urban Laboratory Administrator: laura.hirst.10@ucl.ac.uk


Ismail Farouk, Stephen Hobbs, Marcus Neustetter and JohanThom

(in)Visible bodies: Migrants in the city of gold (curated by Johan Thom)

‘(in)Visible bodies: Migrants in the city of gold’  is a curated selection of three art projects produced by artists from and about the city of Johannesburg. The concept of ‘migration’ (as the movement of bodies from one place to another) is used as a framework through which to rethink the complex interplay between what is rendered in/visible by the symbolic, economic, political and historic dimensions of the city of Johannesburg.  The three works are ‘Challenging Mud – after Kazuo Shiraga’ (2008) by Johan Thom, the ‘Hilbrow/Dakar project’ (2007-8) by Hobbs/Neustetter and the ‘Trolley project’ (2007) by Ismail Farouk.


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Still from 'Terms of endearment' (2007) by Johan Thom

SABC Art Collection


A looped programme of video artworks by Berni Searle, Vaughn Sadie, Nandipha Mntambo, Tracey Rose, William Kentridge, Stephen Hobbs, Marcus Neustetter, Jeremy Wafer, Stefanus Rademeyer, Johan Thom and James Webb will be screened in the convention centre in Durban from 5pm until late daily.

The same video programme will be screened at the The Green Hub, Blue Lagoon, uMgeni River Mouth, Durban from 27 November to 11 December daily.

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Press Release

The Double Body: being in space is an exhibition of new and recent installation and performance art by South African artists and explores the implicit relationship between physical performance, or presence, and architectural spaces.  Drawing from a body of recent writing that makes a case for a corporeal “knowledge” of space, the works in this exhibition are invested in how the body locates itself in space and develops a sense of place, how installation environments may bear the traces of bodily presences and the different levels at which a viewer experiences an artwork. Many of the works, Alexander Opper’s installation, Auseinandersetzung, in the upper-level of the gallery, for instance, consist in an immediate sensory encounter for the viewer that takes place prior to a formal or analytical engagement with the work.
Nevertheless, each contribution to the exhibition has been rigorously conceived and carefully chosen to create an immersive network of spatial environments that exist in a carefully hewn poetic conversation with each another.  This conversation will ring most clearly at the exhibition’s opening event, where Lerato Shadi, and Bronwyn Lace will present performance works and new video work by Nina Barnett, Same Seine, will be projected onto an outdoor “screen”.  This exhibition has been designed to read best after dark, and uses unconventional lighting selected to meet the display demands of each work individually.  In this way, the exhibition breaks with the temporal conventions of gallery viewing and relies on its external environment to determine the conditions of its legibility and meaning.
Participating artists are Marcus Neustetter, Bronwyn Lace, Alexander Opper, David Andrew, Nina Barnett, Johan Thom, Lerato Shadi, Phillip Raiford Johnson, Murray Kruger and Rodan Kane Hart.
Curated for the FADA Gallery by Anthea Buys.
A digital catalogue will be available from May 20 on the FADA website.

Opening: FADA Gallery, Johannesburg, Wednesday May 20, 6.30pm.
Contact: Andthea Buys
antheabuys@mweb.co.za; 082 460 3427
With thanks to Leora Farber, Lauren van der Merwe, Gordon Froud, Rosalind Cleaver, David Paton, Lucille Pillay and Avita Padiachey.


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